Start as you mean to go on…

Our plan had been to have a couple of simple meals out and get into the throw on being on the road again before we went hard core cooking for ourselves….  However after a slightly more extravagant night in Warsaw, we decided Vilnius was the night to switch to hostel cooking.

Fortunately I checked out the kitchen facilities before we went off to buy food.  I was met with two VERY scaly kettles, one toaster and two microwaves in various states of (dis)repair.  Hummm – now being here for only one night we didn’t want to do anything fancy or buy anything more than we needed, as space in our backpacks was at a premium.

After looking round the supermarkets we were met with problem number two – lack of funds!  We had arrived into Vilnius quite late, meaning all money changers were closed, and our bank cards were locked away in the safe.  We did have some Euro, but only the very upmarket hotels were willing to take those.  There was nothing for it – time to start on the noodles already!!

So we strolled back to the hostel and chose our provisions carefully.  After some canapés (left over ready salted crisps), I polished off todays cheese, which was a sign things were desperate!!  Dean opted for the two course dinner – Tomato and Veg soup, followed by 19p Morrisons Saver noodles.  We had expected to at least get to the train before we used them, but unlike ready meals we had discovered two-minute noodles were not in short supply in Lithuania!  I went for the one course – noodle only option, and did mine first to make sure our skills were up to the task!

We trotted down to the kitchen armed with our supplies – cups and all and made our feast.  Well the cups worked a treat and the noodles provided us with 250 calories of err goodness!

Gourmet dinner - all with change out of 50p!

Gourmet dinner – all with change out of 50p!

So now we really have started – proper backpackers on the road eating dinner for less than 50p.  My only fear is that we will have peaked too soon on the noodle front and will be fed up of them by the time we get to Russia…

Dinner in a pot!

Dinner in a pot!

– Natalie

4 thoughts on “Start as you mean to go on…

  1. Maree Smart says:

    Well, the adventure continues …… Don’t get too thin,…….or…….too fat on the rations!!! Love Maree ..Mum

  2. Mel Hemingway says:

    Great blogs guys, sounds like you’ve had an exciting and eventful first 5 days of the trip. Just enjoyed my Friday night read by catching up on all blogs at once-read them back to front to be different though! So, try not to OD on the noodles too soon, there’s your opening scene of the movie ‘The Smart Way Round’ -you two rolling onto the carriage floor as train leaves, champers is a tradition def to be kept up and of course I approve I the purple boots! 😉 xxxxxx

  3. congrats, you’ve turned a story about buying & eating noodles sound somewhat interesting! nice work. i’m afraid to say i ignored the international ATM fees with my bank & just used it everywhere, brushing off the $200 in fees as a necessary travel expense, cos sometimes you just need it. i can’t really recall a country where i had ATM troubles. maybe Lebanon.

  4. […] of it – you can certainly see why it is UNESCO World Heritage listed.  Lacking funds we had our first taste of noddles for dinner.  We had a full day to explore and again we walked and walked.  If this trip doesn’t tone my […]

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