Lights, Camera, Action!

Stop press, makeup! We are ready for our close up!

The Smart Way Round are on the TV!

It almost feels like forever ago we were riding through the wintery barren but stunningly beautiful landscape of Siberia aboard the world famous Trans Siberian Railway.

For those of you who followed our journey from the beginning you may remember we met Jean-Francois Belanger the Canadian CBC Moscow correspondent as we travelled from Moscow to Irkutsk. He was filming several short pieces for the lead in to the Sochi Olympics about life in Russia.  We spent a few days together talking about our travels.

With Jean-Francois from CBC and his cameraman Alexi

With Jean-Francois from CBC and his cameraman Alexi

As a journey progressed and we entered India the Winter Olympics began and we continually looked back at our time on the train and relived many of the stories. During this period we had some wonderful messages and emails from friends in Canada who had seen us on CBC and had started to follow our adventure, however we had yet to see our cinematic debut.

It is amazing how quickly times change and no sooner had the Olympics finished than the crisis in the Ukraine, along with Russia’s involvement, escalated. We couldn’t help but wonder just how hectic Jean-Francois’ life must have been over the last few months with everything that has been taking place.

So it was with great excitement that we received an email from him last week with a link to the short documentaries he filmed.

Jean-Francois and his Cameraman Alexi have done an incredible job of capturing what life is like aboard the Trans Siberian, not just regarding some of out experiences but also for those who work aboard. We hope you all enjoy it. – The CBC page about the piece

Look out Hollywood here we come!

– Dean

3 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. Ruth Cole says:

    It’s great!

  2. Ray smart says:

    Fantastic but it looked very cold

  3. Maree Smart says:

    Wow, what celebrities!!!!!!!!!! What next???

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