Happy Blogaversary! Eight Statistics to Celebrate a Year of Blogging

This week marks our one year blogaversay. Around the same time last year we were preparing for our epic overland adventure through 13 countries on our way to Australia. While it was an incredible and life changing five and a half months we never really thought about what would happen to our blog once we safely returned back home to London. We finally decided to stick with it and are so glad we have. Year one as travel bloggers has been a steep learning curve, from negotiating Chinese firewalls, internet black spots, bloggers block and worse of all real life and having to go to work! It hasn’t always been easy finding time to blog but after a bit of a lull in the middle of the year we rediscovered our travel mojo and are excited about what year number two has in store.

Back at the beginning leaving home almost a year ago!

Back at the beginning leaving home almost a year ago!

So to celebrate our blogaversay below are some statistics to summaries The Smart Way Round’s first year:

1. Number of Posts: 79 (including this one)

2. Total Number of Website views: 8,604 (not bad for a small little travel blog)

3. Countries where people have read our blog: 104 (Great Britain, Australia & United States occupy top three spots)

4. Our most popular posts: “Rehabilitation of a Four – Letter Word”, “Our Pre Oktoberfest Checklist” & “Meet Us”

5 Followers on Twitter: 3,908

6. Followers on Instagram: 338

7. Likes on our Facebook Page: 712

8. Versions of our website: 1 (but we are slowly working on upgrading it, another steep learning curve)

The two of us would like to say a huge thank you for the amazing support we have received over the last year. From the comments, to the shares and follows ‘The Smart Way Round’ has far exceeded both our expectations. So here is to another fantastic year of travels, characters and amazing experiences, see you all on The Smart Way Round…

– Dean

A toast to another year of adventures

A toast to another year of adventures


3 thoughts on “Happy Blogaversary! Eight Statistics to Celebrate a Year of Blogging

  1. thomas says:

    Wup! Wup! from a dedicated reader.

  2. Kay Farley says:

    Dean and Natalie!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures! I love reading about your travels as I continue to add to my bucket list! Wonderful to see that “y’all” are doing well! Happy blogaversary from Texas !
    Kay Farley

  3. Daniel Round-Turner says:

    Congratulations both of you. A bit of hard work but rewarding and entertaining!

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