‘See You later’ Oasis Overland!

Its all becoming really real!  I remember talking to my boss months and months ago, about taking a sabbatical, and it felt like forever away!

Well as tends to happen, my last day of work at Oasis Overland came round really quickly.  I went down to my desk and the ladies in the office had done a great job of decorating it all including ‘Happy Travels’ bunting and various different posters.


Happy Travels!

We particularly liked the advice from Ceris, “Remember, Vodka Keeps you Warm”….. It did have an asterisk with an advisory warning… so we will try and remember to take the advice in moderation!!  At some point we are hoping to have a tipple with a random Russian in our train compartment.  Neither of us are that fond of Vodka, but we will have to learn!


Top Tip from Oasis!

The last day was really good fun, with morning brownie and afternoon choccies!  Thank you very much to everyone for giving me a good send off and even bigger thanks to my boss Chris for allowing me to take five months off!

The trip is all becoming very real… now I must go and pack otherwise I will have nothing to wear!

– Natalie