10 Must-Do Walks in Europe

We all agree the best way to explore a city is to pound out the miles, street by street. Some cities however take on an almost magical experience when walking around them. If you are planning a big European trip, we suggest adding these experiences to your bucket list.

1: Rome: Baroque and Ancient Rome


You never know what you may stumble across in Central Rome, maybe a 2,o00 year old temple like the Pantheon

The only way to truly appreciate the Eternal City is on foot. Around every corner is an amazing church, great coffee place or a remnant of the glory days of the Roman Empire. With iconic locations like the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon, Central Rome would have to rank as the number one city to explore on foot in Europe. However hidden near by many of the famous landmarks are some incredible less frequented gems. Our tip; walk behind the Pantheon and visit the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Among some of the cool things here is a statue by Michelangelo, and it is free to visit!

2: Rome: Roman Forum & Colosseum:

Picture 065

Walk where Emperors have walked in the Roman Forum

Where else in Europe can you walk in the footsteps of the likes of Julius Caeser and Marc Antony? Probably nowhere. Let your imagination run wild as you stroll through the crumbling columns and decaying temples of Europe’s greatest Empire.

3: Dubrovnik: Walking the City Walls

Croatia 143

Peering over the rooftops of the historic centre of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s city walls are some of the best preserved in Europe. With a mediterranean setting and overlooking the compact streetscape below, this would have to be the best city walls walk in Europe. Oh, and don’t forget Dubrovnik is a Game of Thrones location so you can pretend you are manning the defences against a fierce attack!

4: Prague: Castle District over Charles Bridge


Follow in the footsteps of Mozart or perhaps Tom Cruise as you walk over the Charles Bridge

Wandering around the streets of Prague is truly like walking through a fairytale. Follow the paths from the Castle to the magical Charles Bridge and finish in the Old Town Square. Our tip; Do the walk a second time at night for the best views of the Castle District from the Charles Bridge.

5: Venice: All of it


It is easy to discover hidden alleys and secluded canals even in the centre of Venice

Venice is unlike any other city in the world and it is not hard to get off the beaten track and stumble across dead end streets or secluded canals with a lone gondolier rowing by. Our tip; Take that map, screw it up and throw it in the bin (if you can find one). Getting lost in Venice is part of the charm and hey if you hit water just turn back!

6: Berlin: Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie


Stumble across an old East German Trabant as you slink in the shadows around the Brandenburg Gate

Follow in the footsteps of World War II villains or Cold War super spies as you trace the path of the Berlin Wall. An eclectic mix of memorials, modern and communist architecture, no other city in Europe has been so shaped by 20th century history as Berlin.

7: Barcelona: La Rambla and the Gothic Quarter


Plenty of little squares of La Rambla to enjoy a sangria in

La Rambla is without doubt the beating heart of Barcelona. An intense mixture of street performers, tapas bars, tourists and locals you can easily get caught up in the party like atmosphere. After walking the 1.2 kilometres duck into the adjacent Gothic Quarter and explore narrow cobble stoned streets quaint local eateries and the amazing Cathedral.

8: Ljubljana: Old Town


The hidden treasure that is Ljubljana

We think you would be hard pressed to find a more charming capital city than Slovenia’s capital. Colourful architecture, a beautiful and unique styled main square and one of the most colourful and photogenic fresh food markets, Ljubljana has it all. Probably our most underrated entrant in this list, but anyone who has visited Slovenia quickly falls in love with it.

9: Paris: The Louvre to Notre Dame


Notre Dame is a great spot to start or finish your walk along the Seine

Nothing is more quintessentially Parisian than strolling along the Seine. This walk takes in some of Paris’ most iconic buildings and vantage points as well as delving into some of the city’s amazing history. Pop up market and antique stalls, incredible architecture and bookended by two of Paris’ most important sites this walk definitely beats taking the metro.

10: London: East End

London’s East End has an ever changing street art scene

Realistically we could write an entire top 10 purely on walks in London. However the East End takes the cake. From cool speak easy pubs and bars to an incredible street art scene, the East End has something for everyone.

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