Bye Bye UK – Hello Europe!

We have decided there is now a Cole / Smart Family tradition – whenever anyone leaves London on the Eurostar, then it must be celebrated with Champagne at the Champagne bar!  Granted this is a new tradition, but one that must be upheld!

When we left the UK to start our honeymoon in Madagascar, we went via Paris for one night.  It was a last opportunity to celebrate our marriage with our parents, and so the six of us met for a very delicious tipple to set us on our way.


Champagne with both sets of parents in April

Well today we found ourselves here again, in the same seats, doing the same thing!  Sadly Maree and Ray (Mum and Dad!) are now safely back in Oz, but we raised a glass in their honour too!  So one bottle of xxx xxx down, and we are now all checked in, goodbyes said and raring to go.  Thanks Mum and Dad (Ruth and Mel) for coming along to give us a good send off!

This time only four of us in November

This time only four of us in November

I am now convincing Dean that the tradition of champagne on the Eurostar itself should also be continued….

See you in 2014 – we look forward to writing all about our adventures.

We’re off The Smart Way Round….

N&D xx


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